July Chapter Meeting

Posted: Jul 10, 2018

I am pleased to announce Rick Kilpatrick will be our speaker for our monthly meeting on July 13th. Rick will be speaking on WorkCare Incident Intervention program and the impact it has had on the Injuries/Illnesses at Shurtape. WorkCare Incident Intervention is an injury and illness management system that provides employers with 24/7 telephonic access to a member of WorkCare’s clinical staff of nurses and physicians. The goal is immediate response and appropriate care to drive safe, effective outcomes both onsite and at a provider’s office. I hope you will all join us at the Hickory Airport. We will also be doing an induction for all of our new officers who have volunteered to serve for the upcoming year. Please remember to RSVP to Nancy if you plan to attend.

Safety-Doc has a new book out!

Posted: Mar 29, 2018

Dr. Timothy Ludwig just published a new book, Dysfunctional Practices.The long-awaited and newly released book  that will help you REPAIR YOUR SAFETY CULTURE. The book is available by visiting this link 

It is also available as an audio book .

Proposed Amendments to Chapter Bylaws

Posted: Jan 03, 2018

This past August, ASSE members made the historic decision to change the organization’s name to the American Society of Safety Professionals.

ASSE members voted to amend Society bylaws to reflect the new name. As a separately incorporated entity, our chapter needs to hold a separate chapter member vote to change the name in our bylaws, as well.

To learn more about these proposed changes:

We will hold a member vote on these proposed changes at an upcoming meeting of the chapter.